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Happy New Year!

Looking back through the photos I took exploring Big Sur in 2023 brings back quite a few fun memories. The tides and storms early in the year were amazing to watch. 30-35 foot waves crashing for miles along the coast made for exciting conditions and perhaps some of my favorite photos last year.

Perhaps more interesting were the patches of percolation in the canyons where lichens, mosses, and minerals accumulate. Wild colors and strange formations tell a story of water seeping through the mountain on its journey to the ocean.

The canyons and creeks of Big Sur and the Los Padres National Forest are rich riparian landscapes where many cascades come alive with rain. Enclaves of redwoods, pine, alder, sycamore, and oaks all thrive along the watercourses and canyons. Each season brings unique scenes worth exploring. I look forward to exploring places new and familiar.

I would love to hear from you about which are your favorites! Please comment below.

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