Biography and Artist Statement


Keith Evans is a landscape photographer currently focused on creatively exploring the Big Sur coast and Santa Lucia Range. A lifelong lover of the outdoors and the American West’s preserved landscapes, Evans finds photography to be a wonderful way to enjoy being outside and remain oriented towards the Good, the Beautiful.


Keith is primarily focused on photographing the rich landscapes of the Big Sur coastal range with occasional travels beyond, including the Sierra Nevadas, Pacific Northwest, American Southwest and Appalachian Mountains.


Residing in Monterey County, Keith is an independent marketing professional.


Artist Statement

“Beauty will save the world” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot


Beauty and order alight the natural world, and patterns of this beauty and order are everywhere present and fill all things. The purpose of my photography is to explore our human capacity to experience and be transformed by this beauty and order that surround.


Inspired by the work of Guy Tal, William Neill and Christopher Burkett, I’ve chosen Big Sur as a place to explore and become familiar with the landscape, and explore my own creative potential.


Exploring these mountains, the rivers, creeks, canyons, valleys of the Santa Lucia Range is my primary creative project. Here between the mountains and the sea a world of beauty and mystery awaits and awakens.